At the Hernia Program, you will receive highly personalized attention and care for your hernia. We specialize in the most advanced surgical techniques and treatment for all types of abdominal hernias, including groin hernias, belly button hernias, ventral or incisional hernias and hiatal hernias.

Put your hernia in the hands of the experts

We perform both open surgery and laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgeries. We will complete a comprehensive evaluation to determine the surgical procedure best suited for you to avoid repeat hernias and complications. With an experience of over 1000 hernia operations and numerous presentations and publications on hernia surgery, our surgeons are true "hernia specialists" in every sense.

Less pain and quick recovery

It is estimated that 5 million Americans have hernias and only 700,000 have them surgically repaired each year. Hernias do not resolve on their own and actually tend to get larger with time. They can also lead to potential complications such as incarceration or strangulation (where bowel gets trapped inside a hernia). People however avoid treating their hernias because they fear painful surgery. Today this is not necessarily the case. Hernia surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and patients can resume normal activity quickly within a few days.

Groin Hernia Belly Button Hernia
Hiatal Hernia Ventral & Incisional Hernia

To make an appointment, please call 703.717.HERNIA or 703.717.4376

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Hernias: State-of-the-Art Repair for Very Common Problem
An article on state-of-the-art hernia repairs, featuring Dr.J.R. Salameh.

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